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Casinonomics: The socioeconomic impacts of the casino industry
Springer 2013 | ISBN 978-1461471226 | Japanese translation published by Nikkei Business Publications, Tokyo 2015
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The economics of casino gambling
Springer 2007 | ISBN 978-3540351023 | Chinese translation published by Yang-Chih Book Co, Taiwan 2008

Working Papers

Behavioral effects of match play promotions, with Brent Evans (November 2023)

How will legal sports betting do in Arkansas? Working paper, based on report prepared for the Arkansas Center for Research in Economics (November 2018)

Journal Articles / Book Chapters


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Setting win limits: An alternative approach to "responsible gambling"?, with Stephen Litvin, Russell Sobel, and Renée St-Pierre. Journal of Gambling Studies.
[Shorter/summary version of paper:  
Stopping when you're ahead: Win limits and responsible gambling]


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Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs


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