Studying Economics
Information on the ECON major at CofC

If you are in ECON 200 or 201, and have an interest in the ECON major - even if only to see what the
degree requirements are - see the information below. If you'd like to come by to talk to Dr. Walker
about the ECON degree, please stop by his office in Beatty 427, or send an email to

General information

"Critical Path" diagram of ECON degree requirements

A career in economics (video)

Economics at CofC (video)

Read "The Economics Major", a short paper describing what it's all about.
(Taken from Cal State San Marcos)

Academic papers

"LSAT scores of economics majors"

"GMAT scores of undergraduate economics majors"

"The economic reward for studying economics"

Updated 10/9/19.